Let us see your battlestation


Yes but that’s more of an answer than a question.

Why are we not partying?

Because you’re anonymous so I have no idea who you are. Also we probably don’t live anywhere near each other.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Not a question, but I think you should know that because of this blog I wasted at least 10 hours of my liftetime. I know every single fucking page! I hate you!

I only have four pages are you really that slow of a reader that it took you ten hours to get through? 

I appreciate the time spent though.


Why not?

would you rather have nipples surrounding your anus, or nipples instead of teeth

I think nipples around my anus sounds better, I really don’t think that would change a whole lot except it would look really weird and would make my poops very sensual. I enjoy being able to eat solid food so having nipple teeth wouldn’t really be an option.

You're fucking hilarious. I always wind up reblogging your stuff. Just thought I'd say hello. How has your day been? What is your morning ritual like? How many ducks do you have to slaughter on your way to the toilet? How many STDs have you had at most (in Fable)? And lastly, is it gay if the balls touch?

Thanks. Hello. I just woke up so my day hasn’t really been anything yet. My usual morning ritual is I wake up, put on some sort of clothing, urinate, do some tumbling, cook six scrambled eggs and a bagel, and watch something while eating. Whose Line is it Anyway at the moment. 

No ducks but around 100 duck sized horses seem to find their way into my house everyday.

I don’t recall the exact number of Fable STDs I’ve had but I’d put it somewhere around 10-15.


Beef or Chicken?

Beef, it has so many more uses.

apology for poor english! when were you when heat legend from dark knight dies? i was sat at home drinking brain fluid when fred ring. 'heat is die' 'no' and you?????????????

So after some detective work decoding this I’ve come up with heat legend means Heath Ledger. I hope brain fluid doesn’t mean brain fluid and there’s no way your English is that bad if you have a friend named Fred, unless it’s because of drinking the brain fluid. 

So to answer your question “when I were” when he died was January 22, 2008. If you were asking where I have no idea.